Education and Training Support Services

Explore, Learn, Succeed Sustainably
A range of learning options to suit your application, role and timeline

EDUCATION AND TRAINING SUPPORT – We provide all the tools that are critical to create value for sustainable success: training and educational support, leading software, hardware and IT-solutions, technical support, consultancy, coaching, mentoring as well as transfer of know-how and technology. Furthermore, we hold and participate on different types of events including workshops, conferences and seminars on the latest technologies and the state of the science, where we can use case examples, and new products in line with the industry trends, all to help our clients and other shareholders to gather useful information and create valuable knowledge.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS – These educational programmes are intended for continuing academic education of professionals. Career integrated master’s degree programs and university certificates combining scientific aspects with practice oriented engineering knowledge.

EVENTS: Seminars, Conferences, Congresses, Workshops, and other educational events as needed – As part of our effort to fulfill our mission as a science and technically-oriented trading firm, we keep a close eye on the latest technology trends, and actively engage in providing information to our clients by holding and participating in events to introduce the latest technologies and advances in science, inform and discuss case studies sometimes inviting eminent researchers and engineers.


For all the products we sell and some others, we offer training programs which cover all topics of the specificities. There are programs for both the novice user as well the expert.

Engineering is rapidly evolving, which means that formal education in technology is no longer adequate to keep up with these changes, one needs to be constantly retrained on the new technologies and methods as they become applicable to their industries and needs as well as on improvements in old technologies. With vendors touting their way to use software and hardware interfaces, engineers must be careful of not making the mistake to assume that they do not need to have a clear understanding of the underlying technologies.

CREARE SYSTEMS has a broad offer of educational, training and assessment services which can be summarized here:

  • Self-paced online courses (e-learning)
  • Webinars, on-site seminars,
  • Basic and in-depth classroom (face-to-face) courses on the use of specific simulation software packages and their features
  • Responsive, client-customized curricula and training materials created on demand for your specific organization’s needs
  • skill checking
  • blended learning courses and workshops
  • And other services for personnel training and assessment.

SERVICES BY PRODUCT / SOLUTION – Turning knowledge and technology into integrated solutions quickly and cost effectively is what CREARE SYSTEMS experts do best! You can rely on our deep technical expertise and proven methodology as we work alongside you throughout your entire solution lifecycle to successfully implement your solutions, maximize the value of your investment, and address your critical business needs.

INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS SERVICES – Leverage CREARE SYSTEMS’ technical expertise and experience to help you sustainably and successfully deploy innovative solutions for your industry.


Learning Consulting Services

Coaching, mentoring, knowledge transfer, Train the Trainers, learning environment deployment, content customization and more – delivered on site or remotely. Learning Services can be augmented with other learning products and offering


Enterprise License Services (Enterprise licensing that provides unlimited use of learning assets)

An economical way for skills acquisition among your entire user base, both technical & functional. It promotes wide user adoption and improves efficiency by helping more users become proficient.