Innovation Management

Our creative, proven processes feed our clients’ innovation funnels; via strategic visioning through to product-specific breakthroughs

Our proven processes have been developed to meet our clients’ innovation needs over a range of business horizons:

  • Visioning – to identify the best strategic direction for a company. A vivid picture of three distinctly different futures is presented to stimulate the creation of a representative set of futuristic concepts and a common vision
  • Technology Portfolio Creation – to discover the best portfolio of research and/or development projects, each of which plays a role within an innovation road-map, to enable our clients to meet their strategic ambitions
  • Structured Idea Management – to create radical product concepts or business opportunities which are fully supported across the organisation
  • Quality Function Innovation – to assemble system concepts when complex interactions need to be understood and the best trade-offs selected
  • Eco Innovation – to generate differentiated product concepts which have a significantly lower impact on our environment compared with competition
Processes which deliver tangible results

To achieve this, we seek to fully understand organizational requirements, and get buy-in from a range of key stakeholders.  We then combine creative thinking with technology acumen to explore the boundaries of innovation before evolving the most competitive solutions.

Fresh thinking for your industry

We are able to hand-pick our facilitators, workshop contributors and team members to suit our clients’ businesses, by using staff with directly relevant skills and multi-industry experience, to stimulate the transfer of useful approaches which often lead to breakthrough innovations.

For over 20 years, our processes have been applied across many industries including FMCG, consumer durables, healthcare, and communications.