New Product Introduction

We have the experience to transfer your product into manufacture anywhere in the world

We have the capability to take your product design all the way through to full-scale manufacture. As part of our complete product development service, we can help in a number of ways:

Designs fit for manufacture and test

There is no point in creating functionally brilliant designs that cannot be efficiently manufactured. With many years’ product development experience, we have the skills and know-how to develop products that are both innovative and optimized for manufacturability, cost and reliability. Moreover, we have extensive experience in working with many of the world’s leading contract manufacturers and ODMs.

Manufacturing partner search and selection

To find the right manufacturing partner, there are many factors that need to be considered, such as the technical complexity of your product, legislative and quality requirements, annual volumes, and BoM costs – to name but a few. The cost of supporting the manufacturer through the NPI process must also be considered, as must the transportation cost of both raw materials and finished goods.

Managing your new product introduction

Regardless of location, manufacturing partners need to be managed. Our on-site support and close working relationship with the manufacturing partner throughout the NPI process ensures yield is maximized, manufacturing costs are reduced, and defects are minimized – whether these are factory test rejects or in-service failures – to maintain your brand value and to maximize your profitability.

Post-launch support

We can offer development support throughout the entire product life-cycle. Once the NPI has been completed, we can help ramp up to higher volumes and transfer to multiple manufacturing sites should sales exceed expectation. We can implement design and functionality updates to your product or help implement cost reduction, in order to respond to competitive changes in the product marketplace. We can manage the entire product supply chain, in order to ensure that component obsolescence, or supplier quality and continuity, does not adversely affect your product costs or delivery schedules.