Other Services

We provide consulting services to technological companies and academia.

We can solve your problems in systems modelling, visualization and simulation.

Through our collaborations and partnerships with other consultants, we can also provide solutions in a multitude of areas.

Our services include:

  • Design, engineering, management of services and products, solutions, and infrastructures”
  • Technology support services (plan, deploy and manage products and solutions)
  • Installation, commissioning, training, technical staff, maintenance, optimization, and … services)
  • Software, hardware, and services integration
  • Infrastructure services (cloud platforms)
  • Global business services (consulting, global process services)
  • Internationalization services (market preparation, market exploration, market promotion, market collaboration, market presence, market optimization)
  • Econometry / Finance Solutions (Gauss/Eviews) / Business valuation
  • Research & Development in the areas of Dynamical Systems, Complex Systems, and Nonlinear Phenomena, Medical Physics (Medical radiation devices, Radiation protection, biological effects of radiation, optimization, residues)