Signal Processing and Algorithms

Signal Processing and Algorithms

World-class signal processing and algorithms development capability

Many of the complex products that are developed in today’s world employ signal processing and algorithms at their heart to turn raw measurements into useful information and insight. Examples include:

  • Video data from a camera being analyzed to ‘see’ objects or motion
  • Wireless radio technology that provides location and data for thousands of smartphone apps
  • Analysis of sensor measurements to warn of potential medical conditions
  • Automation of industrial processes using sensor data and artificial intelligence

Working with the latest technologies

We work with a range of computing platforms – including low-power embedded processors, high-performance digital signal processors, graphics processing units and distributed computing servers – to deliver the best algorithms and signal processing techniques for:

  • Machine learning including deep neural networks
  • 4th and 5th generation wireless technologies including array beam forming
  • Interactive data visualization
  • Computer vision
  • Fusion of disparate or unstructured data sources using statistical methods

When off-the-shelf isn’t good enough

Our expertise in a wide range of technologies and unbiased approach allows us to make the most appropriate choices to solve your problem.

We can apply first principles mathematical thinking or tailor existing methods to achieve a unique and customized solution to meet your requirements.

Expert implementation

By designing both the mathematical algorithms and the implementation concurrently, our engineering teams ensure the right choices are made first time. Through many successful product developments, we have created processes which take the risk out of turning innovative designs into robust products in a fraction of the time that others take.

The result is extremely rapid yet high-quality development.