Human and Environmental Factors and Industrial Sustainable Design

Human Factors & Industrial Design

Our human-centered approach produces solutions that users embrace readily and operate safely in real-world conditions

Cambridge Consultants’ ‘human-centric’ approach achieves the greatest potential for both product and user by considering the user, the technology and the environment together as a system. By maintaining the end-user-value of a product as the focus throughout development, we produce solutions that users embrace readily and operate safely in real-world conditions. This provides better efficiency and overall lower cost to deliver a complete, faster, end-to-end development project


In order to realize the full value of effective human-centric design, it is essential to fully understand WHAT the user needs are (whether they are expressed, tacit or latent), and then determine HOW to meet these needs with an elegant solution. Our human factors engineers and industrial designers, resident within our multidisciplinary teams, bring an array of skills necessary to meet such a challenge.

Human Factors

DEFINING ‘WHAT’ – the science of understanding human capabilities and behavior and translating their impact on the design of products and systems.

  • User needs discovery & requirements generation
  • Task analysis & heuristic evaluation
  • Human factors validation studies for FDA-regulated products
  • User profile and use scenario development
  • Ethnographic & facility-based user research

Industrial Design

IMAGINING ‘HOW’ – the art of creating innovative solutions that integrate technology, usability, and aesthetics of products and systems.

  • Conceptual sketching & rendering
  • Color, material, finish & brand language development
  • 3D CAD modeling & photo-realistic visualization
  • Looks-like / interacts-like models
  • User interface design & development
  • Structural & graphical packaging design