Software Engineering

  • Computer-aided engineering (CAE)

Cambridge Consultants develops robust software of any size and complexity using proven, flexible processes and tools

Software is playing an increasingly important role as a critical technology enabler across a wide range of industries. Over 60 of our engineers are highly qualified software professionals covering a very broad skills base.


Software design and development is an engineering discipline, not a black art. Cambridge Consultants takes a holistic, systems engineering approach to all of its product and system development projects. By considering software as part of the system design rather than a separate entity, our engineers are better able to address challenging cross-cutting concerns such as power consumption, BoM cost, reliability, information security and regulatory compliance.

Tools and Processes

We invest heavily in our tools and processes to empower our development teams to engineer robust solutions efficiently and predictably. Our proven development process is designed to be flexible enough to be applied to agile, proof-of-concept demonstrators through to rigorous safety-critical medical developments and complex enterprise systems with millions of lines of code.

Our processes are fully compliant with:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 62304
  • TickIT

Our processes are paired with a rich suite of productivity tools. Supported by issue trackers, automated code analysis, virtualised build servers and continuous integration environments, our engineers deliver efficient software solutions to even the most challenging of development projects.


We operate across a wide range of industries, and have the relevant specialist experience for developing software appropriate for sectors such as wireless communications, medical devices, safety-critical industrial applications and consumer electronics, complying with the correct industry regulations and standards