Technological Support

Technology Support Services (Plan, Deploy and Manage Existing Products, Solutions and Infra-Structure)

Technology Support Services (Installation, Commissioning, Training, Technical Staffing, Maintenance and Bench-marking Services)


Existing hardware product and solution services available:

  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-Installation Services
  • Installation Services
  • Operation Services
  • Repair Depot


  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Site or Multi-site surveys
  3. Pre factory acceptance surveys,
  4. Factory acceptance
  5. Pre-delivery site surveys ,
  6. Training and Education
  7. Pre-installation planning
  8. Site delivery or Multi-site deliveries with warehousing if necessary
  9. Product installation
  10. Product startup,commissioning,
  11. Integration of 3rd party devices;
  12. Integration of 3rd party infra-structure;
  13. Operations
  14. Maintenance
  15. Inspection (safety control, function testing, precision testing), diagnosis, and review of documentation (on and off-site, or through remote systems),
  16. Updates / upgrades (including the provision of new hardware and/or software),
  17. Spare parts and consumables delivery
  18. Repair Depot
  19. Migration
  20. Dismantling, treatment if necessary and take to another place
  21. Decommissioning
  22. Reuse, Donation or Rethinking
  23. Recycling,
  24. Landfill
  25. Resource depletion