Maintenance Services

Our team can provide you a wide range of maintenance services:

Unplanned Maintenance Services

Unplanned, Reactive Maintenance or No Scheduled Maintenance (Run to Failure or Breakdown Maintenance or Operate to Failure [OTF] Maintenance):

Planned Maintenance Services
  1. Preventive maintenance
  2. Running maintenance
  3. Opportunity maintenance
    1. Window maintenance
    2. Shutdown maintenance
  4. Corrective maintenance or failure-based maintenance
    1. Remedial maintenance
    2. Deferred maintenance
    3. Shutdown corrective maintenance
  5. Preventive maintenance
    1. Condition-based predictive maintenance
    2. Statistical-based predictive maintenance
  6. Improvement maintenance
    1. Design-out maintenance
    2. Engineering services (Provide custom built solutions for customers on their product support or retrofit or conversion or refurbish)
    3. Shutdown improvement maintenance