Technology Management Consulting

Effective technology management – our deep market and process expertise enables our clients to grow profitably

Effective management of your investment in technology and new product development (NPD) is an essential component of profitable growth. Our teams of market and process experts work closely with our engineering colleagues, who are at the forefront of product development, to bring real solutions to your technology management challenges.

Market and technology strategy

Our experience is in articulating the value of technologies and differentiating them in the market, understanding threats and disruptive technologies while roadmapping their future. Our processes evaluate portfolio potential, by organic development and acquisition/divestment, facilitating choice in product, technology or company, ensuring corporate fit and attractiveness.

Technology sourcing and exploitation

Our skills in technical due diligence and corporate acquisitions are rooted in our practical technology and product design experience, providing an independent perspective on your technology valuations.

Whether you are searching for a new drug delivery device or opportunities to license your own technology externally, we have the business relationships to facilitate open innovation. To maximise the value of your technologies, we formulate the most compelling unique selling points to position your new product effectively.

Execution of best-practice R&D processes

We use our own product development processes on a daily basis and interact with those of our world-leading clients. This experience guides our NPD process experts when they undertake project audits, introduce risk management procedures and lead our clients to best-practice NPD, often in regulated environments such as ISO 13485. We have the facilitation and training expertise to carefully manage transition programmes, often including organisational changes such as establishing a programme management office (PMO).